Tips on Choosing the Safe Dog Treat In the Marketplace

There are lots of manufacturers of dog treats and these have different brand of products in the marketplace. It becomes important a dog owner gets to know more about these products so he can be informed and know what it takes to feed the dog healthy and prevent it from having one disease after another.

Just any type of Natural dog treats that are carelessly sold in the market place could be harmful to the animal because of the effects of preservatives or chemical compounds for preservation used on them. These can be avoided if the dog owner chooses to make his/her dog food in the home. Yes, homemade dog treats can be made without preservatives and they provide and enrich dog with healthy vitamins and minerals.

If you have no time for homemade dog treat and prefer to buy from the shops, its up to you. However, here are some tips that will help you take advantage of the best and safe dog treats from dog food stores.

  • Research about the brand and its manufacturer. It is important you buy from a company that is tried and trusted. In this sense, such company must have shown the pedigree of selling dog foods approved by the FDA and other relevant bodies.
  • You should check the ingredients used making the treats and ensure that they are safe for your pet’s consumption. The labels should be checked so you get to know all the relevant dog treat ingredients used in the treat.
  • Go for companies that have treats made with organic and natural substances. More so, you should checkout for vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients in the food store dog treat you are going for.
  • Ask your pet veterinarian for the best and safe treats to use. This is important as the vet understands the health history of the canine and can provide you with information needed.
  • Never go for dog treat labels with known harmful preservatives like: Ethoxyquin, Propylene Glycol,ProplyGallate, ButylatedHydroxytoluene(BHT),ButylatedHydroxyanisole(BHA), and Sodium Nitrate.

Finally, you should research online for other tips on the safest dog treats in the market place. You are sure to find a wide range of online sources for helpful information on choosing dog treats safely in the marketplace. These would be safe for your darling dogs!

Homemade Treats For Your Dog

Everyone loves getting treats and who can say no to cookies, not even your pet dog. You can whip up some homemade dog biscuits or buy from someone who does. Made from ingredients like bacon, peanut butter, banana etc. these biscuits are not only healthy but omit the unwanted and unhealthy preservatives that could be bad for your dog’s health.

The most valuable benefit for dog owners is their pet’s health. It is important to feed your pets healthy treats to help maintain the sheen on their coat. The nutritive value of homemade dog biscuits is higher as they do not have additives or preservatives. Homemade treats are also good as you know exactly what ingredients go into making them. Homemade dog biscuits actually help pets maintain good health.

Customization is a boon for owners with pets who have any health issues. You can choose ingredients to make your own mix of dog biscuits. Select ingredients that are good for your pet’s well being. It helps you preserve your dog’s healthy skin, eyesight and hearing. Homemade biscuits are advantageous as you can control the food your dog receives which helps provide better nutrition for a longer and healthier life.

For example, dogs with diabetes problem can be fed sugar free biscuits or if your dog is overweight, you can choose ingredients that are less fattening. Homemade dog biscuits are also good for pets with food allergies or sensitive stomachs.

Another advantage of buying homemade dog biscuits helps save on costs. Free of preservatives and fillers, these homemade treats are a good way to reduce cost.

Benefits of buying homemade dog biscuits

Fresh: Homemade products ensure that the ingredients are fresh and of good quality. From organic flour to flax seeds and fresher raw material help make a healthy end product.

Natural: Artificial flavors, colors, preservative, additives and chemical have no place in homemade dog biscuits. The less processed the ingredients, the more natural the treat.

Balanced: Homemade dog biscuits have a lot of health benefits. Fresh and handpicked ingredients make the biscuits a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins. The fat content of home based treats is just right and not fattening unlike the factory produced ones.

Customized: Do it yourself is the best option be it clothes, food or anything else. So do not make an exception for your pets. Just like their owners each dog may have its own needs and preference. If your pet is allergic to wheat or sensitive to any ingredient then homemade treats are best. What is healthy for other dogs may not be healthy for your pet. Understand your dog’s dietary requirements and provide them a good healthy life.

When it is supertime, there is nothing like a healthy home cooked meal. This is not only true for you but for your dog as well. To sum it up buying homemade dog biscuits has a lot of benefits including varied and better ingredients and better for the canine palate.

So treat your pets to healthy yet tasty homemade dog biscuits and you are sure to have tails wagging.

Dangers of using harmful dog treat preservatives

Our canine companions deserve to have good health just as we do. We take care of these dogs regularly by providing them with foods and hygiene. For many, feeding dogs regularly means using commercially made dog treats. While there is nothing wrong with feeding our dogs with commercially made treats, there could be danger in doing so. How, you may ask? Well, the answer is simple – harmful preservatives!

A preservative is a chemical applied to a food item to prevent from decay and spoil. Commercially made foods for humans and pets do come with preservatives. However, some of these chemical compounds are dangerous and harmful to the health of humans as well as pets. The use of foods or treats for dogs with preservatives should be checked and avoided.

Harmful preservatives found in some dog treats

There are different types of preservatives used in the pet food industry. Most of these are dangerous and harmful to the health of dogs, thus they should be avoided.

Popular preservatives in this sense include:

  • Sodium Nitrate,
  • Propylene Glycol,PropylGallate,
  • Ethoxyquin,
  • ButylatedHydroxytoluene(BHT), and
  • ButylatedHydroxyanisole(BHA),

These preservatives are still found on the labels of many commercially sold pet or dog labels. These are harmful and should be avoided.

Highlights of Benefits of Dogs Not Having Preservatives

If you have a dog you feed always it is important you get to be mindful about the health of this pet. One way of doing this is to ensure that treats given to the dogs are without preservatives. This is important because preservatives could be harmful to the body as these chemicals have been known to cause carcinogenic situations in the body.

It is important to know that some studies have revealed the negative effects of these chemical compounds on both humans and animals. Therefore, we should avoid them and concentrate on the benefits which are highlighted below.

The benefits of dogs not having preservatives in their treats are numerous. It is important we get to know of these benefits so we can concentrate our attention in helping dogs stay healthy and energetic all the time.

  • Dog treats without preservatives are natural and gives more energy to the pet as they contain ingredients like carbohydrates. These foods help the dog to run around without the risk of disease. More so, food without preservatives contains other food components like protein, vitamins, and minerals that build up flesh for the animal and keep it healthy.
  • With dog treats without preservatives the animal would have less risk of skin disease and allergies. There are many preservatives that have been linked with these conditions in dogs. Hence, avoiding them would mean fewer risks of these conditions.
  • The benefits of dogs not having preservatives in their foods also include the animal having long life expectancy because visits to the veterinary clinic would be less frequent as the dog would have increased chance of staying healthy.
  • Other benefits of dogs not having preservatives may include: less shedding of healthy and shiny coat, better elimination of patterns, healthier and stronger dog.
  • Finally, the owner, will in the long term, have the opportunity to save more as he gets to buy less food and pay less for veterinary services if the dog gets sick. Without preservatives on the treats, the Vet visits would be minimized.

So, these are highlights on the benefits of not given your dog treats with preservatives.

Gourmet handmade dog treats

Making a snack for your dog can be really being easy and great. The technique for baking it is just the same as baking a gourmet for human consumption. One just needs to follow few tips and procedure to bake the perfect treat for his/her dog. High quality ingredients are required to incorporate all the nutrients needed in the feed. A touch of art in the appearance of the treat adds creativity to the dog snack. Some of the ingredients include dried liver, Salmon or bone meal. For a sweet and nutritious treat, carob truffles, dessert canola and lollipops are used. However, some things need to be observed when making the dog gourmet treat. High levels of sugars should be limited at each time .It can be of health risk to the dog pet if the sugar is of high level.


Treats are often are more delicate than other forms of every day biscuits. There is a need to store the cakes just as the other perishable baked foods. They are supposed to be covered compactly in a box. If you reside in a warmer environment, a refrigerator can be of great help. When in a cooler, your dog can enjoy them later. A great experienced baker is needed to bake a great gourmet. The ingredients used are possibly of great quality and of great price. To save you from wastage, experience is the key when making a gourmet. To enhance your skill on this it is wise that you start by baking the easy dog treats until you get the skills of baking a perfect one.


Ingredients used to prepare a dish define the taste of that dish. The baker should choose the ones with high quality, and make them with great compassion.  Addition of flavors is of great deal, such as icing on the top of the snack. For sure, your dog will fire up raising its paw toe while enjoying the homemade snack. Most of the treats are prepared using organic foods such as organic beef, organic chicken and lean lamb just mentioning a few. The organic ingredients are composed of Omega -3 a component, which will make your dog to be healthy and strong. They also contain anti oxidants, which acts as a nutritional motivating force for dog. The man’s best friend should be treated with the best snack to make him/her jovial and healthy.


Due to the case of some treats being sensitive, wheat, lactose-free milk and gluten free flours are the ones, which are perfect for a great healthy snack. A healthy dog with a well toned skin and body is really of great admiration. This can only be ensured by having natural vitamins in the ingredients of the treat. The sources of such vitamins include lean meat and cuts of fresh fish. Plant sources such as oats, <a href=”” target=”_blank”>brewer yeast</a>, milled flaxseed and kelp can be enhance strong teeth in your dog as they have high levels of calcium.


Monitoring the feeding habits for your pet is advisable to make sure all ingredients are incorporated in the diet. It can be grieving if your best dog dies of pancreatitis due to high levels of fat in the diet. Appetite for the pet is enhanced by adjusting their meals accordingly and ensure they have water always.  The treats should be delicious for your best friends for a better companionship.